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mKEYB - a very small keyboard driver for DOS

mKEYB is a very small keyboard driver that can be used with any DOS.
The resident size is below 500-700 bytes, depending on the keyboard.

There are about 24 keyboard layouts compiled into the executable, yet the executable size is only 8K.

mKEYB originated from an idea, how to write a very small keyboard driver by recycling existing BIOS resources.
So it requires much less RAM then most other keyboard drivers, although it's written entirely in C.
mKEYB requires a 80286 or better machine.

mKEYB comes including source; you will need Borland Turbo C++ 1.0  to recompile it.

If you want to add a new language, or change an existing one, please see readme.txt for instructions.
We will be glad to incorporate your language definitions into mKEYB, if you send us the changes.

License: mKEYB is free to use, change, distribute, learn from, or use in whatever way you see useful ...
However if you offer mKEYB to others, it would be cool if you place a link to this page onto your web page.

Download mKEYB program and source (66K)

Another keyboard driver for DOS (XKEYB) can be found here, It's even programmable, and configurable without recompiling it; however it has a somewhat larger executable size and RAM requirements.

Keyboard layouts supported

 BE - BELGIUM - belgique clavier AZERTY (tom+imre)
 BG - BULGARIAN - use right Ctrl to switch (by Anton Zinoviev)
 BGP- BULGARIAN PHONETIC - use right Ctrl to switch (by Anton Zinoviev)
 BR - BRAZIL - Portuguese keyboard with combis (Henrique Peron)
 BX - BRAZIL EXTENDED - Portuguese keyboard with combis (Henrique Peron)
 DK - DENMARK - Danish keyboard, no combi's (by tom)
 FR - FRENCH - clavier AZERTY (Snoopy81)
 GR - GERMAN - deutsche Tastatur (by tom)
 GR2- GERMAN2 - deutsche Tastatur mit internatinalen Umlauten (by tom)
 HE - HEBREW - Hebrew keyboard, right Ctrl to switch (by diego)
 IT - ITALY - Italian keyboardo (by tom)
 LA - Latin American - keyboardo espanolo latino americano (by tom)
 NL - NETHERLANDS - dutch keyboard (by Bart)
 NO - NORWEGIAN - norske keyboard (by tom)
 PL - POLISH - polska klawiatura (by tom, verified by michael)
 PO - PORTUGAL - portugese keyboard (by tom)
 RU - RUSSIA - Russian keyboard, right Ctrl to switch (by Arkady)
 SF - SWISS FRENCH - (by tom)
 SG - SWISS GERMAN - schweizer deutsches Keyboard, keine combi's (by tom)
 SL - SLOVENIAN keyboard, no combi's (by tom)
 SP - SPANISH - keyboard with combis (by aitor)
 SU - SUOMI - finnish Keyboard, no combi's (by tom)
 SV - SWEDISH - Swedish Keyboard, no combi's (by tom)
 UK - UNITED KINGDOM - british keyboard, no combi's (by Bart)

Version information

0.39   24 sep 03 finally implemented KEYB US - by deinstalling old keyboard handler
added experimental Slovenian keyboard
0.40   17 mar 04 changed the used exepacker; now APACK is the packer of choice read more about APACK
this makes KEYB.EXE 200 byte smaller.
changed the licensing to allow distribution of APACK'ed executables
0.43    03 dec 18 Fritz corrected the slowenian SL keyboard definition.

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