Drive Snapshot and Windows Vista ?

Is Drive Snapshot 1.37 compatible with Windows Vista (aka Windows for video recorders)?

Mostly, yes, BUT:

Drive Snapshot requires administrative rights to run, so you have to start it with 
right mouse click, 'Run as administrator' (fixed on 28.02.2007).

Vista X64 requires signed drivers; the Drive Snapshot 1.37 is (currently) not signed.
Therefore Vista X64 is not supported (fixed on 28.02.2007)

The incredible stupid Vista Boot Manager will only boot from exactly the same disk, and the partition at exactly the same place as the original.
That is, there's no longer the possibility to 

'boot from first partition on first drive'

Now, this is

'boot from the partition at offset 1 MB on drive with disk signature 1234'
(if the partition doesn't start at exactly 1 MB, you're lost)

The disk signature is a 4 byte value, that is written into the MBR, and is always created by the disk administrator to some random value.

Due to this, the (currently) only supported restore methods are


Restore a volume to the same disk (without any partitioning)            

or (on a new disk)

Restore the partition structure first
Then restore the volume(s)

Restoring the partition structure from Windows:

Snapshot, restore, select image, [next]

Down in the graphic, to the left, right click [HD1]
        --> restore partition structure


Any other method of cloning/moving to new disk/etc.
is currently NOT supported.

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