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Instead of developing yet another scheduler, we prefer to use the built-in Windows Scheduler; that's one less thing to worry about.

Usage  Win2000/WindowsXP (for WinNT4, use AT/WinAT):

Start -> Settings-> Control Panel-> Scheduled Tasks-> Add scheduled Task
       Start->Settings->Control Panel->Scheduled Tasks->Add scheduled Task


[Browse] and insert "C:\Program Files\Snapshot\Snapshot.exe"

 (*) weekly and [weiter]

[*] Monday
[*] Friday  und [weiter]

enter a user name that has administrative rights on the local machine, and possibly can access (with this account) a network server.


[*] advanced properties, and [finish]

in the following dialog, enter:


    [start]  'c:\programs\snapshot\SNAPSHOT.exe C: X:\C-DRIVE.SNA 

or (much more powerful and flexible)

    [start]  'cmd /c c:/programs/snapshot/SuperDuperBackup.BAT''

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