Drive Snapshot - moving to new Hardware

First, if you are using S-ATA/P-ATA drives, your system should just work.

If however you get a blue screen 'Stop 0x0000007b - Inaccessible Boot Device", them the operating system doesn't recognize the new disk controller, and some action is needed.

Moving from P-ATA to S-ATA

Most likely, your BIOS settings for the S-ATA drive is 'RAID', 'Native', or similar, and the operating system doesn't support S-ATA drives.
Please go to BIOS, and change the S-ATA settings to 'Legacy' or similar.
In 'Legacy' mode, your S-ATA disk behaves exactly like a P-ATA disk, and should be supported by the all versions of Windows.

Moving from P-ATA to P-ATA or S-ATA to S-ATA

in some cases, not all supported S-ATA and P-ATA controllers are enabled.
If you have booted from BartPE/WindowsPE.
you can run

    Snapshot --MergeIDE

to enable more/all IDE controllers.
see also c't 6/05 und Microsoft KB 314082.


moving to a different SCSI/RAID/iSCSI/'interesting' disk controller

If you restored using BartPE, WindowsPE oder Winbuilder, you can integrate a new controller into the restored windows system.

    Snapshot --AddDriver

will ask you for the disk controller driver file (DiskDriver.SYS), the .INF file (DiskDriver.INF), and the location of the windows where it shall be installed (NewDrive:\Windows).

Next time the system boots, this driver will be started; it's your responsibility to locate the right driver.

Even if the system boots now, it is highly recommended to re-install the driver in the booted windows environment (using the official setup command), as some Controls will be missing.


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