Using an FTP Server

[1.41]Snapshot can store images to and restore from a FTP server.
Doing this requires the special filename syntax


If you created a FTP account (see below), the password is no longer required inn the filename, and will be filled in automatically.
Passwords are stored in encrypted form in the registry.
Specifying the port is optional.

Please note that when you create a full image on an FTP server the hash file is not created.
If you want to create a hash file, you must specify using the -o option the path and name for a local hash file.


Creating an FTP account

With the button [Manage FTP Accounts] FTP accounts can be configured for different server and stored (see figure).
For all configured accounts, the password must no longer be specified in the file name.
Storing the data that belong to one account is carried out in the registry.
The password is saved in encrypted form.
Using the buttons at the bottom of the window, you can create new accounts (New Account), edit existing accounts (Edit Account) and remove (delete account).
The Back button returns you to the last screen and the Select button, you can take the saved account as the destination for your backup in the input screen snapshot.