How to create a bootable USB flash disk

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STEP 1 - Get a bootable USB flash disk

    Sounds easy enough, but not all motherboards will boot all USB sticks; in fact, you are lucky if you find a working combination :((

STEP 2 - Download networkbootdiskette.sna

    It's installed during setup, but versions before 1'st may 2005 wouldn't work

STEP 3 - Restore to USB memory stick

    c:\Program Files\Snapshot> Snapshot networkbootdiskette.sna u: (where u: is your USB stick)

correct some parameters on the USB stick

    c:\Program Files\Snapshot> Snapshot -!checkboot HD2   (or whatever drive your stick is)

and answer questions with 'Y'.


STEP 4 - Reboot and test if it boots

Better now then in an emergency ;)

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